Pivoting Rows and Columns in .NET DataTableObject

Aljoša Kocen

How to pivot (exchange) Rows and columns of DataTableObject, with agreggation

Slovenian Nautical Almanac - Part 5 - From Astrometric to Apparent coordinates

Aljoša Kocen

Corrections for Precession, Nutation, and Aberration of Light are applied to calculated Astrometric coordinates.

Slovenian Nautical Almanac - Part 4 - UTC, TDB, UT1...

Aljoša Kocen

A brief explanation on different times and time scales used. Calculation of DeltaT is also presented.

Slovenian Nautical Almanac - Part 3 - Astrometric Coordinates

Aljoša Kocen

Calculation of Astrometric equatorial coordinates for sun and planets ishown. Light-time correction of coordinates is also discussed. Compari

Slovenian Nautical Almanac - Part 2 - JPL DE 405 Ephemerides

Aljoša Kocen

Description of JPL DE405 Ephemerides files